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So, I finally got an awesome direction to take my fanfic. It's not really that stupidly shippy like a lot of my old stuff, but yeah...Loki isn't the "fall in love and get married" type of guy. So...I digress. Anyways, yay for awesome plot bunnies!
Every time you ask when I'm going to finish my old Les Miserables fanfiction an angel kills a puppy. Doubly so if you spam my Avengers or Legend of Korra fanfiction to ask about it. I'd rather write about Loki and General Iroh. You know, those guys are bad asses unlike Marius Pontmercy. Look, I don't know why any of you actually thought that fanfic was good. I wrote most of it when I was drunk. I'm not even making this up. Yet, somehow it has more reviews than anything I've ever written. To summarize, it's pretty much a whole fanfiction about some desperate girl and her shitty love life with Marius.

Aside from that, that fanfiction was way to shippy for me. Most of my stuff is very action based. I still always have a main ship, but the story doesn't revolve around it anymore. I guess that's probably why I don't get stacks of reviews like I used to.

You know, I'll probably just wake up one day and delete it. Then, maybe everyone will get the point that I'm done with it.
Hello! I haven't posted in awhile. I've been busy with work and school. Two more years and I get my bachelors in nursing. I have a 3.9 gpa right now. I guess I should start looking at grad school as a possibility now. Hahaha. I guess I sort of miss the world of fandom, but I was never really successful in it. So, yeah...I'll try to keep in touch, because some of you have were always really good friend to me.

Apr. 5th, 2011

Just replayed Chrono Trigger.

-Schala is absolutely beautiful in every way.
-Magus is the mother fuckin' shit.
-I wish Alfador went through time with Magus. That would be awesome.

On another note, I want Pokemon White!

Also, I'm continuing my venture on dipping the pen in the company ink. Any day now, I'm sure bossman and I will be an item! <3

Dear Friends

I'm going to get a new car today with the money I was going to use on a boob job. Wish me luck!


I guess it's been long enough that I can make this post without landing my ass on fandom wank.

The Lacus Clyne Mary-Sue Write Up

I don't exactly hate the character anymore, but even after my hatred grew to moderate dislike, I still feel that she's a Mary-Sue. I don't expect everyone to agree with my opinion. I just hope this doesn't turn into a war zone like the fandom was years ago.

I'd like to add that I feel that the report sticks to the point better than it would have years ago. It's never wise to critique a character at the peak of your hatred towards them. It usually comes back on you. For example, I never really liked Cosette from Les Miserables. Even today, I still find her terribly bland. I suppose old habits never do die. My overblown hatred for the character started, because there was huge backlash wank towards my preferred ship. At the time, I really didn't know how to let things go, and I pushed the issue to the point where I ended up in one of my most embarrassing wanks of all time. Sure, I sit and laugh at myself now, but I think anyone could live without that tacked on to my wank record (though the other wanks I've been in I'm not terribly ashamed of). I suppose I can say that it wasn't entirely my fault. A lot of grudge wank that would not die between myself and another fandom member got a little out of hand to the point where I finally imploded with rage. I don't exactly know what the fandom has been doing since I've left since shortly after I left I no longer had internet access. I was in the process of moving out of my dad's house at the time of the wank, and I never could afford internet access instead I started dancing for a living. I guess I can go digging through four years of posts to see the commentary to laugh at myself, but I don't really see what the point would be to do that other than to dig up previous bad feelings I had.
Today, I went in for a consultation for breast augmentation. I felt the bags that held the silicone and saline. I was like....ewwwwww and left. I may be a b-cup, but at least the boobs aren't water bags.
I kind of want to go live somewhere else for a couple of weeks. Tucson has been pretty crazy since the shooting. :(
So, I'm just really having a hard time with this.

Yes, this guy did attempt to rape me. I have NO idea why anyone even thought I made it up to get back at this guy. First of all, I had nothing to gain and everything to lose by coming forward with this last summer. I also understand I was reckless for getting too drunk to take care of myself. This doesn't make it okay.

1. I did not make it up, because I believed he foiled my chances with another guy I was interested in. I doubt he foiled my chances before I came forward with the information. After I had came forward with it, I know that he told everyone I lied about it. So, I'm sure he foiled my chances NOW. We're talking back then though. As far as I know, before I reported the situation, there was nothing done to prevent me from being with this other guy. So, this argument is null and void.

2. I never secretly liked this guy that tried to rape me. He through himself at me every single day. People saw him do this. I can't believe that some people thought his weird crush on me was CUTE. It was obsessive. I had rejected him countless times, and he still continued to pursue me. There was nothing cute or adorable about it. Period.

3. He lied about having cancer. It has been proven, because he has never provided the medical records to support his claim. That's all it takes to prove he has cancer. So, why can't he so much as provide his job with medical records?

This happened a year ago. I finally came forward about it last summer. I'm amazed that A LOT of people think that I made it up. I do remember coming back to consciousness and begging this guy not to rape me. I'm fairly sure that if I wasn't conscious it would have happened. He only STOPPED, because I threatened to report him.



I want a boob job from that guy on Dr. 90210. He knows a way to give you b00bz without titty scarz.